For over 25 years the MERET™ team has designed, developed, and distributed products serving the medical, adventure backpacking, scuba diving, and compressed gas markets. Using innovative technology from multiple industries, the team at MERET™ is focused on producing the highest quality, most reliable, and most user friendly first responder products. MERET™ is here to support those who spend their lives saving lives.

MERET™ maintains a comprehensive product line which can serve all the needs of the first responder. Our extensive selection of products consists of oxygen and resuscitation equipment, bags and cases,

rescue equipment, and medical supplies. The team at MERET™ is an industry leader in oxygen equipment and technology, oxygen filling systems, and medical bag design and manufacturing. Any product can be customized and designed for your particular team requirements.

MERET's™ design process centers on the basics of functionality, organization, ergonomics, and rapid response. These technologies are exemplified using OneView™ in the TS-Ready™ OMNI Total System. This system provides a customizable, organized, ALS / BLS shoulder bag that can be used as a rugged backpack in more challenging environments. The system opens completely from one side for easy access to all supplies. It is designed to support additional modules for any team's requirements.

MERET™ has two locations to better serve Fire Houses, EMT units, Ambulances, and other first responders throughout the United States. Located in southern California, the corporate headquarters at MERET™ houses over 50,000 square feet of inventory and office space. A secondary shipping location in Baltimore, Maryland allows MERET™ to ship product anywhere in the US within 3 business days. This distribution network significantly decreases shipping costs and transit times, making MERET™ the most reliable and competitive source for first responder products.

Please take a moment to explore our site or, give our team a call if you require further information.

Careers at MERET™
Become part of the team! MERET™ is always seeking personable individuals who have well developed skills in emergency medical services, sales, marketing, customer service, and product development. We encourage you to submit your resume if you would like to be considered for any positions available at MERET™. Thank you for your interest.

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