OMNI™ PRO BLS/ALS Total System (TS2 Ready™ )

MSRP prices starting at: $329.95

Part Number: M5x01xx

The OMNI™ PRO BLS/ALS Total System is built for the professional, built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the OMNI PRO™ delivers a customizable and organized solution for your equipment with options.

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The OMNI™ PRO BLS/ALS Total System is built for the professional, built to help you rapidly and proficiently deploy medical care during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the OMNI PRO™ delivers a customizable and organized solution for your equipment with options.

The OMNI™ PRO is the foundation for a system of TS2 Ready™ bags that are interchangeable, allowing you to attach additional TS2 Ready™ modules to the bag's sides depending on your requirements. The OMNI™ PRO’s internal main compartment can be completely customized for small and large items using the innovative SLIDER system. Overlapping panels secure internal contents and provide access to TS2 Ready™ DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS. Outside pockets and pouches offer additional quick-access storage. Using OneView™ technology, the bag opens completely facing one direction, providing access to all compartments without moving the bag. A front pocket offers space for additional STICKIT strips, or longer items such as intubation aids. A system of grommet holes allows all compartments to be air dried while the bag is completely closed. The bag is ergonomically designed for use as a backpack, shoulder bag, can be carried briefcase style, or can be grabbed from any position using a system of light weight comfort-grip side handles.

The OMNI™ PRO has a hideaway, mountaineering style backpack harness that provides a snug and secure fit. Walk, run, climb, or ascend, this backpack system keeps the entire bag close to your body with a comfortable fit, including fully padded lumbar support. The entire harness system hides away in a zippered pocket in the back of the bag. All sides of the bag that touch the ground are reinforced to ensure durability and resist water.

Need to include oxygen in your kit? This bag can accommodate you. Simply install the M5001X conversion kit and you can incorporate up to a Jumbo "D" oxygen cylinder and access it while the bag is completely closed. Your partner can easily remove the entire cylinder or operate the oxygen while you wear the OMNI™ PRO as a backpack. When O2 is not required, the O2 access panel can be secured closed to avoid opening the panel when lifted from the side handle.

The OMNI™ PRO is available in blue, red, infection control tactical black, red, or high-viz. Infection control deluxe versions of the OMNI™ PRO are constructed from waterproof, durable, wipe-clean tarpaulin and are designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens. Modules and supplies shown in images are not included.

•Converts your 2 bags into a 1 bag system
• 1 DEEP STUFF pocket, 2 STICKIT Strips and shoulder strap with metal hardware INCLUDED
• Add the M5001X to add an MJD or MD O2 cylinder storage or secure O2 access panel
• Increased size can support All-In-One VIPR O2 systems
• Oversized YKK zippers
• Matte chrome metal hardware
• Double stitching on all stress points
• Riveted bottom skid runners prevent wear
• Inner foam construction maintains shape and protects contents
• COMFORT-GRIP carry handles with reflective logos on sides of the bag (except on tactical black)
• Lined back and bottom resists water and wear
• Hideaway adjustable, padded, contoured yoke backpack strap harness system easily distributes weight for maximum comfort
• Adjustable sternum and waist belt, lumbar support
• Reflective front/ back/ side panels, tie down loops, zipper, and handle logos (except on tactical black)
• Removable Unit/ Contents identification panel that can be replaced with your own custom embroidery panel
• TS2 Ready™ hideaway zippers for 2 optional side TS2 Ready™ modules
• TS2 Ready™ for 4 removable DEEP STUFF Pockets, 12 removable STICKIT STRIPS, or combinations of both
• Large EZ-Pull pullers allow easy access
• OneView™ technology- all main compartments open completely in front of first responder
• Zippered internal mesh compartments
• Customizable internal main compartment using SLIDERS™ System
• Overlapping internal panels secure contents
• Dual large external zipper pockets with mesh lined compartments
• Solid-Grip, large main carry handle
• Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
• All compartments have air dry capability

Product Dimensions: 15" x 22" x 9.5"
Product Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz standard, 7lbs 7oz infection control
M4L Lifetime Warranty


Posted by smu830

Meret Bags OMNI pro!
This product has not yet been reviewed

We are a very busy ALS chase car system that requires a very durable bag that can carry all our gear in one bag. Meret OMNI pro is the only bag that holds up to the abuse we give our bags.

Posted by stat7

Average Rating: 5 stars

So far I am beyond impressed with the quality and craftsmanship in the bags. The thinking that went into designing the bags, which I am sure was designed by an abundance of feedback from the working professionals of what they would like to see in a good quality and effective med bag.

Posted by jimax44

Excellent EMS Bag!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I've been a medic for over 36 years and I've used every bag out there. I mean this literally! The toughest, most pratical and best bag in the field is Merits Omni Bag. I use mine almost daily for 2 years and it still looks brand new. I've thrown it on pavement, gravel and dirt. It's been sat on, the zippers have been twisted, yanked and pulled on constantly. The bottom and sides have been exposed to blood and other contaminated surfaces. Despite this, the bag can be cleaned and completely decontaminated using mild soap & water and our OSHA required cleaners. Most other bags cannot survive being cleaned so aggressively and we usually throw them out. I've since purchased other Meret products, e.g. Side Pack, Tuff Stuff Pro Duffel & "add on " kits. I also just ordered the SRT Pro back pack & the G2 Pro Grab 2. You may find other products a lot cheaper, but you really do get what you pay for! Believe me, Meret products are great! This review is unsolicited and entirely my own opinion based on my experience with Meret products. I've used so many inferior products that it is nice to finally find a product that stands up to it's claims. Like I said, "you get what you pay for"

Posted by skh4

ATC Thanks Meret!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I work at a D1 University and have to travel across the country with my athletic teams to keep them in working condition. This bag is everything I need. I was so tired of shopping through athletic trainer-geared product lines that were all over-priced and poorly made. This bag is waterproof, which is essential as an outdoor professional. And the vast number of customizable compartments is absolutely perfect for the variety of supplies I need to carry. The size is ideal--I don't like dealing with wheels. I have to be able to pick up a bag and haul a$$, and because this bag holds its shape, it makes that possible. Plus the backpack straps are dope for airport travel. So, thank you, Meret!! From a true blue Athletic Trainer in Texas.

Posted by KRing

Awesome bag!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Meret bags can't be beat. Considering there are a million ways to configure them and the durability of the whole line, you won't find a better bag. Our teams beat up our kits pretty badly. We got tired of lesser products falling apart so we replaced them all with Meret and have not been disappointed.

Posted by ZakLawrence

Average Rating: 4 stars

Just got the bag, and so far I really like it. My previous bag just wasn't big enough. The only real complaint I have at the moment is that there isn't a dedicated spot for trauma shears, penlight, or ink pen. I don't always have shears or a penlight on me, and having them within easy reach without having to dig through the bag or having them floating around in a pocket would have been nice. If I stick my penlight in one of the top pockets without it being in a sleeve it can get turned on while in the bag.

Posted by sborders

Omni Pro Bag!
Average Rating: 3 stars

Good bag. Love the customizable dividers. Only problems we keep having is with the backpack straps. Many of our bags fail where webbing meets the waist strap. Seems to need some reenforcement.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for the feedback. Please contact us at to address the waist strap issue. This connection has been reinforced in our latest production to avoid this issue.

Posted by scottroquemore

athletic training!
Average Rating: 5 stars

As an athletic trainer, this bag covers all my necessities. This is a Heavy duty bag Durable, plenty of dividers / pockets and it can be used a convenient backpack so I have free hands. I was sick of every other company over pricing their kits for subpar quality. This bag along with my PPE can with stand anything and can be used by any allied heath profession out in the field. The cherry on top is the LIFETIME WARRANTY! So rare to find a quality AMERICAN company that backs their gear. I can't give enough praise to this company for their products. I will be buying more bags soon.

Posted by wharris

M4001 Omni Pro!
Average Rating: 4 stars

the m4001 is a product that my company just began using. this bag is a very good product and is functionally appropriate. this bag is great because it opens as your need for patient care increases, vitals to intubation the order in which equipment is available creates easy and quick access for your immediate needs

Posted by

Omni Pro ICB!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Great product.. I will use in the near future


Average Rating: 5 stars



Average Rating: 5 stars


Posted by jbence

Average Rating: 5 stars

Wonderful bag, I love the way I can customize, its durable and would recommend to any EMS agency.

Posted by dm5033

Average Rating: 5 stars

the bag is real rugged and made to last and has a great warranty

Posted by bd5150life

Love my Omni Pro!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Multi function can be easily converted from BLS to ALS with addition of external attachments.

Posted by taiwi

The best one!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

The best trauma bag, I have ever bought! All items are clearly visible...the bag is quite durable, portable..and I really like its modular system! Greetings from Czech Republic.

Posted by cicexplora

Worth the Money!!!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

This is the absolute best response bag in my opinion. It carries all my equipment (I use it as a personal bag) and I don't even need the extra space! I think every agency should own them

Administrative follow up:
Thank you so much for this amazing product feedback. Please follow us on Facebook and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you or your department. Be safe!

Posted by

Reliable, Sturdy and Easily Accessible!
Average Rating: 4 stars

Great compartmentalisation, really appreciate the layout. Perfect for locker fitting, and even for the back of any response vehicles. Great sized outer pockets for ears and cuffs, really love the carry systems too. Only downside is working in rain and mud - impossible to clean properly.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for your feedback. As you know, we at MERET work hard to meet the needs of the First Responders. We have developed our new DELUXE version of the OMNI??? PRO . This response bag is constructed from water proof, durable, wipe-clean black tarpaulin, and is designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens. All other response bags are constructed of durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we can try to assist you with techniques to clean your bag.

Posted by skparker2

Omni Pro!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Love the backpack straps, makes the bag so much easier to carry, especially when you need to carry other items. The moveable dividers are great too! Looks professional, doesn't stand out too much, yet captures peoples attention. I've gotten compliments from coworkers on how nice the bag is and how easy to work with it is.

Posted by dashaas

Meret BLS/ALS!
Average Rating: 4 stars

Just got the bag, and it will do fine. Still laughing at how many times Meret has slapped its name-brand on every nook & cranny.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for your honest feedback. We are very proud of our product and brand name. If you think we may have missed a spot that we could potentially place our logo, please let us know :)

Posted by tinopolice

Best and most organized!
Average Rating: 5 stars

The OMNI PRO is the best purchase I ever made. It is custom organization which makes it easy for your needs and can be converted to an O2 bag as well which makes it a two in one which is also awesome! Hands down one of the best!

Posted by john.bob

Omni Pro in Alaska!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Great bag has served our service very well.

Posted by byufan.fawcettlogan

Great Great Great Product!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Awesome product. Meret really made this item very use-friendly, well organized, and very fuctional. This is a must have for everyone involved in Emergency Medicine.

Posted by stjohnboarder

Awesome Bag!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I have owned this bag for over 3 years and after constant use it still is in its original condition. This is an incredibly durable bag that would be perfect for any medical responder. It has exceptional organisational capabilities and the wide variety of modules and pockets that can be added to this makes it easily the most easily personalised kit on the market which is my most loved feature of this.The slider divider system is the most ingenious way I have seen dividers been used before and they keep everything where I need it to be (And I am extremely rough with my kit) I have used the straps and harness system for long periods of time on many occasion and I never even thought about them being on they were so comfortable. Overall this kit is an exceptional piece of equipment and without it my job would be a lot harder. I recommend it to any medical responders who need a durable kit that will last them for many years and who value organisation and ease of use. Thank You

Posted by blupkowski5

Average Rating: 5 stars

This is the best QRS bag I have purchased, and I have gone through many, it has lots of space inside and it is durable beyond what I have put it through.

Posted by mxemt333

A great adaptable response bag!!!
Average Rating: 4 stars

I have used Meret products for over 2 years now and they have always proven to meet the requirements and functionality various EMS jobs require! The OMNI Pro series has held up to response on the Motocross dirt bike track to EMS scenes in any condition. The OMNI Pro bag has proven that it can be modified to suite various applications using the adjustable dividers and the TS Ready compartments. I will continue to partner with Meret because of their Quality, versatility and, awesome customer support!

Posted by chad

Omni Pro!
Average Rating: 5 stars

This is my 18th year as a firefighter/EMT. In all my years, at a total of 4 separate departments, I have used many bags from multiple manufactures. I have to say, this bag is far above and beyond the rest in quality, design, durability, and just about any other positive comparison I can think of. I am not saying bags in the past didn't get the job done, but its as if this is the first time a manufacture thought about how the bag would be used and put in some serious time designing it for that purpose. Simply, a great and well thought out bag.

Posted by amberjgerken

Average Rating: 4 stars

Love that you can custom it to your needs... the back pack straps can be tucked away when not needed.

Posted by nrhuhs47345

Amazing AT Bag!!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Great bag. Although an EMS Bag, this works great for Athletic Trainers as well!