FIRST-IN™ PRO Sidepack (TS2 Ready™)

MSRP prices starting at: $99.95

Part Number: M5x10xx

The FIRST-IN™ PRO Sidepack is built for the professional, built to take in what you need when you arrive on-scene. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the FIRST-IN™ PRO delivers a lightweight solution that can carry and organize all of your basic supplies and protective equipment to address immediate patient needs until additio...

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The FIRST-IN™ PRO Sidepack is built for the professional, built to take in what you need when you arrive on-scene. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the FIRST-IN™ PRO delivers a lightweight solution that can carry and organize all of your basic supplies and protective equipment to address immediate patient needs until additional assistance arrives.

The FIRST-IN™ PRO is a hands-free solution, ergonomically designed for use as a sidepack or shoulder/cross-body bag. Using EZ-Grab pull bars, the two top panels of the FIRST-IN™ PRO quickly open to a main compartment that can be customized for small and large items using the innovative SLIDERs system. Flip-out™ webbing straps allow you to attach tape rolls that can be rapidly deployed while they are still attached to the bag. Shears, pens, and pen lights can be inserted and secured into their respective pouches on the front of the bag for easy access. Reinforced side webbing offers dual radio and pager mounts. A stress reducing waist belt system uses wide webbing, a large easy-to-use buckle, and a padded lumbar pad to reduce pressure on the side or lower back. Using the included shoulder strap, the waist straps can be concealed into a rear compartment to convert the FIRST-IN™ PRO into a shoulder bag. Designed with TS2 Ready™ system functionality, the FIRST-IN™ PRO has interchangeable TS2 Ready™ components and offers the ability to attach an additional TS2 Ready™ module to the front of the bag depending on your requirements.

The FIRST-IN™ PRO is available in blue, red, and tactical black (non- reflective), infection control tactical black, and infection control red. Infection control deluxe versions of the FIRST-IN™ PRO are constructed from waterproof, durable, wipe-clean tarpaulin and are designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens. Modules and supplies shown in images are not included.

• Matte chrome metal hardware
• YKK zippers
• Double stitching on all stress points
• Inner foam construction maintains shape and protects contents
• PVC lined bottom resists water and wear
• Reflective front/ top/ side panels, tie down loops, zipper, and logos (except on tactical black)
• TS2 Ready™ hideaway zippers for 1 optional side TS2 Ready™ module
• Dual EZ-Grab rapid access pull bars
• Customizable internal main compartment using SLIDERS™ System
• Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
• Hideaway adjustable, padded, waist straps fit up to a 54" waist
• Lumbar support
• Shoulder strap with metal hardware included
• TS-Ready™ hideaway zippers for optional side modules
• Dual mesh compartments on top panels
• Tape flip-outs™
• Dual radio/ pager mounts
• Secured shears pocket, pen and penlight pouches

Product Dimensions: 7.25" x 12.5" x 5"
Product Weight: 1lb 12oz standard, Infection Control 2 lbs
M4L Lifetime Warranty


Posted by tdominguez

Average Rating: 4 stars

Excellent little bag. Looking at attaching it to their narc bag to make a soft sided drug box.

Posted by bsemst

Fanny Pack!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Fanny pack has a modular system inside. Also can be carried as a shoulder bag with attachments. Allows for modular attachments to be added to the front of the bag. outstanding bag for the price.

Posted by mohawkmedic

sidekick bag!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I have a sidekick and absolutely love it! Very versatile!

Posted by

sidekick bag!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I have a sidekick and absolutely love it!

Posted by sundaycaptain.hcfas

Sidepack Pro!
Average Rating: 5 stars

this bag is a very good bag for a first in bag it holds all bandageing needs for easy access to supply

Posted by taiwi

Average Rating: 4 stars

After many years of trying I have found the ideal sidepack for the quick response situations.Absolutely perfect, when I have to carry hoses or another fireman??s gear on my back (so I am unable to carry big Meret medical backpack). I was really happy when I have found, this sidepack is compatible with my water rescue floating jacket! I would give 5 stars, but I really miss some inside elastic holtdown straps or some more mesh compartments (maybe this problem will be fixed after buying/add on one of your modules).I also think, there may be some troubles with the waist belt carrying if this sidepack becomes too heavy....some kind of "yokes" or simple harness will be more comfortable then. Anyway, you did a perfect job and I really like this kind of my gear!

Posted by livewire55

Great Bag!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I really love this bag. I work special events as an EMR and this bag makes a great kit. The dividers make it easy to organize your supplies and the mesh pockets are great for gloves. The spots for a pen/light and shears are a great feature that keeps them out of the way but fast to access. The best feature are the zipper pulls for super fast access to your gear. This bag works great as a first aid kit as well.

Posted by

This product has not yet been reviewed

nice little bag

Posted by dkruse

Love this bag!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I purchased this bag as a replacement for my vehicle "first in" kit when I'm off duty as well as my tactical bag for such situations when I am on duty. It holds my two tourniquets, eight 4x4, four 5x9, two OLAES bandages, an emergency blanket, and four roller gauze rolls, and 2" tape perfectly. And the easy "tear-away" handles rock and are smooth as ever. I also love the front shear, pen, and penlight holders. Makes them easily accessible yet secure all at the same time.

Posted by byufan.fawcettlogan

Average Rating: 5 stars

Great Product. Has everything ready for easy access, and makes the simple things, like getting supplies, easier. 5 Stars!

Posted by mshanehill

The first of many!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

As an EMS professional for over a decade, I've seen, used, and have thrown away my share of bags and cases. As such, I'm always skeptical of giving a new company/product a chance in the field, since the products that the bag/case contains is vital to what is often a life-or-death situation ??? when a life is on the line, who has the time to deal with a bag that won??t open/won??t close/didn??t keep the rain or snow out/etc.? After contemplating a MERET purchase for over a year, I decided to start small (minimum financial and logistical risk). The FIRST-IN??? SIDEPACK PRO EMS is named such for a reason. It??s a ???side pack??, it??s the easiest bag to bring with you when you??re ???first in??, and it is obviously made for EMS professionals. No detail was overlooked and they drew out every ounce of potential in this bag. It??s bigger than you??d think but still small enough to sit comfortably in the small of your back, without irritating you, if you??re going to have it on for a while. Personally, though, I have the belt-strap set at a length that allows me to sling it over my shoulder. Speaking of it being bigger than it looks online, I was able to cram (with room to spare) enough gear/supplies to effectively manage 90% of the ???average call??. After use for over a year as my ???jump kit?? in my POV (and having to use it more times than I ever expected), it??s being transferred to my active duty gear and will be reconfigured (supply wise). As my personal jump bag, it accommodated a scope, BP cuff, two pen lights, two Sharpie markers, a note pad, 4x4s, petroleum gauze, an ACE bandage, a couple triangles, a SAM splint, a couple finger SAM splints, a container of Band-Aids, a few single use antibiotic ointment packs, a CPR mask, a couple OPAs, a couple NPAs, a glowstick, a finger SpO2 monitor, a foil emergency blanket, and safety goggles. Again, even with all of that, there was room to spare. Are there things I would change? Of course; no two medics/EMTs/FFs/POs will ever agree on exactly how a bag/piece of gear should be designed??_but MERET came pretty close to perfection with this little thing. I was a bit critical of a company that put their brand EVERYWHERE, but after using their product, I understand why they do it. They are proud of it and want their name associated with it. I can??t blame them for that. In the end, once limited finances are less of an issue, I will be adding to my MERET collection (you name it, I want it). MERET, you??ve earned (EARNED) a customer for life!

Posted by mshanehill

Average Rating: 5 stars

I just checked my bag and I forgot a few items; additionally stocked in the bag are two shears, a tourniquet, two locking carabiners and a webbing loop (daisy-chained and clipped to outside of the pack), two rolled gauze, and a multi-trauma dressing. And again, there is still room to spare!

Posted by argon163

On the road!
Average Rating: 4 stars

I bought the First-In a few months ago. At first I used it as a first aid kit when camping but with winter coming I put it in the trunk of my car. It holds my medical supplies, multi-tool, flashlight and flares. I already used it twice to help folks on country roads. The First-In is well made I like to be able to ad another pouche to the bag and the fact that the main compartment can be open quickly. The only thing that bugs me with this bag is the place of the waist strap... maybe putting it more on the back of the bag could resolve this issue. All around great bag!

Posted by nikitasdel

review for the sidepack first-in!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I am an EMT working in the hellenic ambulance service (EKAB) for the last ten years. I purchased the First-In a while now and i admit i am very satisfied from it.What a pro thinks essentials for every day use is a matter of opinion ,so personally i carry a pulse oximeter a blood pressure monitor,penlight,scissor,rescue knife,fenix tk11 tactical flashlight,10 vinyl gloves,5 amps adrenaline 1 amp angoron,5 and 10ml syringe,2pens,a couple of gauze and bandages and of course wallet,keys,cell phone and there is this still space... The quality of the sidepack is outstanding from every aspect. The only flaw i believe is the waist strap,wich is very poorly desinged,there is no way too keep it steady on you. Anyway the best way too carry a sidepack of this size is by the shoulder strap wich is excellent to keep the bag steady and ready to use.