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The PPE PROPack™ is built for the professional, built to help you easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, the PPE PROPack™ delivers a very compact, hands free kit with a lot of capacity.

Response ready, this pack provides easy access to gloves and other supplies without opening th...


The PPE PROPack™ is built for the professional, built to help you easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies during critical moments and save lives. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, the PPE PROPack™ delivers a very compact, hands free kit with a lot of capacity.

Response ready, this pack provides easy access to gloves and other supplies without opening the main compartment. Gloves can be easily removed from the outer access hole while remaining organized in an inner elastic pouch. Shears, pens, pen lights, radios, pagers, light sticks , cleaning agents, protection sprays, and a rescue knife can be inserted and secured into elastic sleeves on the front, top, and sides of the PPE PROPack™. Flip open the main compartment to secure N95 masks, shoe/ head covers, eye protection, hand sanitizer, bandages, and more.

The PPE PROPack™ is available in blue, red, tactical black (non- reflective), infection control black, red infection control, and high viz infection control. Infection control deluxe versions of the PPE PROPack™ are constructed from waterproof, durable, wipe-clean tarpaulin, and are designed specifically to easily clean and remove blood borne pathogens. Modules and supplies shown in images are not included. Modules and supplies shown in images are not included.

• 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
• Double stitching on all stress points
• Reflective front panels (except on tactical black)
• Elastic internal pouch for gloves with outer access
• 2 outer elastic and 1 vertical reinforced sleeve to secure supplies
• Secured shears pocket
• Riveted, fixed belt clip and wide belt loops for up to 2.25” wide belt webbing

Product Dimensions: 6.25" x 4.5" x 1"
Product Weight: 7oz standard, 8 oz infection control
M4L Lifetime Warranty


Posted by spiffmedic

Very well made!
Average Rating: 4 stars

Very high quality and well made, it just feels sturdy. It has multiple attachment points to make sure it stays put on your belt. The glove pouch is excellent and holds multiple pairs. I use the main compartment for other odds and ends I frequently need- tape, preps, etc. It's very handy. Only complaint: the way the scissors are stored, they're constantly catching on things (especially getting in and out of the rig) and the retention strap it has for them doesn't always hold. Already lost one pair :/ I'll keep using it though for the many other good points I've mentioned. Recommended.

Posted by juan.ossa.csmr

PPE Propack!
Average Rating: 4 stars

I purchased this item because it is a horizontal storage system, in tactical black that fits the majority of the items I need to carry with me when on duty at the base. My only issue is that the belt straps are two inches wide while my Bianchi duty belt is 2.25 inches wide. I therefore have to secure the bag using the clip (it has held firm). If the straps were a bit wider I would have rated this a 5/5.

Posted by patrick.lazaro

Perfect for Athletic Trainers!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I bought these for my staff and we are very happy. It fits just the necessary items such as gauze pads, gloves, pen light, etc. it is easily accessible and very durable.

Posted by davidfire51

medical pouch!
Average Rating: 4 stars

Really no issues, however the small strap that hole the scissors releases and the fall out. Maybe a larger strip or square pad at the end. Also, a larger pouch to hold more with a divider in the middle. With that said, we use your bags and they are so far above the others quality wise the others need to find another line of work. They are not cutting it, if you like to replace something every. 4 to 6 months because the bottom has fallen out then they are for you. Great Job Guys, keep it up. Sincerely, D. Poynter. UC Health Aircare & Mobile Care Cincinnati, Ohio.

Posted by scottroquemore

two thumbs WAY up!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

As an athletic trainer this covers all my Personal Protection needs, and a little more. I hate the large hip kits and this is the PERFECT alternative. It is light enough (even with sheers) that you don't have to worry about running and losing your stuff or slowing you down. My original bag ripped where the clip was attached, the newer models have fixed this issue. I contacted the company which is only a few cities over and took a few pictures and the new kit was in the mail that day! I can't say enough about how great this company is for standing behind a life time warranty! And it is all AMERICAN made, two birds with one stone. This is not my only kit that I own, and more will be purchased for personal needs as well.

Posted by keithgiera

Average Rating: 3 stars

Pros- -It is the perfect size. -Inside pouch: I carry 1-write in the rain note book, 3- 3X3, 6 Alcohol prep pads, 5-VioNex towels, and roll of quarter inch tape, 1- saline lock. Bottom band. 2-pens, Top band- Penlight, Side band- One leatherman wingman multitool. Nice professional look and well made. Cons- -Belt clip is worthless. Take it off and use belt loops. Ok if you are on day sift and running all the time but pain when you are on nights and have to undo belt every time you put it on. -Trauma shears pocket is on the outside flap. This makes the handle stick out about two inches from body. Problem is, the sear handles catch everything. Seatbelt, door ways when moving patients ect. if it was on back it would be perfect. Also the top and bottom bands are to big. If you only have one pen it doesn??t secure it. Put two pens in it and it is ok. Pen light has to go in top. Standard cheep pen light (that we all use) falls out of bottom. Needs more Velcro to hold flap down. Have been looking for two years for the perfect EMS holster. Out of the 5 I have tested tis is in the top two. Just a couple of adjustments and my search would be over. I can say that of all the one I have tested this is very well made.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for your feedback. We are in the process of making some changes to this product, many of which you recommended as well. We will be announcing shortly the new product design, so keep an eye out!

Posted by tumpablodiaz

Great tool!!!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I like a lot, has the enough space to carrying small supplies and personal equipment

Posted by blupkowski5

Average Rating: 5 stars

Love it! When im working EMS it makes it easy it access all my supplies without reaching within my turnout gear or into my station pants to get my scissors. Thanks fore the great product!

Posted by byufan.fawcettlogan

Awesome Product!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Such a great product! Keep all PPE at a quick reach for all sporting events. I have not seen a product work this well for storing basic supplies, and the most used. Great job Meret!!

Posted by byufan.fawcettlogan

Average Rating: 5 stars

This is awesome. Easy access to my PPE and simple. Must have for anyone from EMR to EMT-P

Posted by a_sty

Always by my side!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Since I used the OMNI BLS bag, I always favored the Meret equipment. So I bought an PPE Pack and I carry in every shift. It's ligthweigth, holds all of the stuff I use frequently such as shears, pen, penlight, 4x4, alcool swabs, masks, lightstick and gloves. I also like the look and style of that pouch.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for the feedback! We strive to build quality products that last a lifetime for Public Safety Professionals.

Posted by mlundinatc

Belt Pack!
Average Rating: 4 stars

PPE pack is compact but will hold a lot. Very important to hold trainers angel, scissors, gloves and be sturdy enough to clip right to a belt.

Posted by

PPE Belt pack!
Average Rating: 4 stars

Very versitle and convienent for those that do not like a sling bag or large fanny pack.

Posted by ewrousell

Average Rating: 4 stars

The metal belt clip needs to be higher so it doesn't hang awkwardly. Otherwise really nice, I've been using it a lot.

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for your response. We will definitely look into the metal clip issue you addressed. There are also two belt loops on the pack that you can run your belt through should you prefer not to use the clip. Thank you for your continued support of MERET PRO USA Products.

Posted by jonahstiriz

Average Rating: 5 stars

Great little bag. Great to take with you on those middle of the night calls so you have all the essentials with you at all times!!!

Administrative follow up:
Thank you for that awesome feedback! We will soon have the PPE Pack available in Tactical Black as well. Keep an eye out!

Posted by jburns.emtp

PPE EMS Pro Pack!
Average Rating: 5 stars

The pro pack is a great kit to have at all times. Very versatile to where you can carry in a cargo pocket, on a belt, and my personal favorite in any turnout gear pocket...also great to keep in a go bag of any type. I kept mine stocked with mainly 4x4's, band aids, alcohol preps, etc. pen lights, shears, pocket knife, and my gloves. Great product all around and very well constructed.

Posted by

Average Rating: 5 stars

What a great tool to have in your turnout gear. Keeps your EMS supplies in one place ready to go. Love mine & i am going to buy 2 more one for my wildland pack & one for my work jump kit.