DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter Backpack w/ M4L Ballistic Armored Protection

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Part Number: M5030xxx

The DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter is the off-duty choice for professionals who need to be ready, or any civilian that prefers a solid daypack with the added benefit of threat Level IIIA M4L Ballistic Armored Protection that could save your life if you encounter an active shooter event. In an increasingly uncertain world, the DEFENDER™ PRO offers something new, an innovative backpack design that could sav...

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The DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter is the off-duty choice for professionals who need to be ready, or any civilian that prefers a solid daypack with the added benefit of threat Level IIIA M4L Ballistic Armored Protection that could save your life if you encounter an active shooter event. In an increasingly uncertain world, the DEFENDER™ PRO offers something new, an innovative backpack design that could save your life.

Specifically designed to address rising global concerns for personal safety when traveling, shopping, or even attending school, the DEFENDER™ PRO provides the convenience of a multifunction daypack while also shielding your vitals with NIJ Level IIIA armor protection engineered by Angel Armor, and specifically designed for MERET. Weighing similar to most daypacks under 5 lbs, yet unlike any other daypack, the DEFENDER™ PRO can withstand multiple rounds up to 44 MAGNUM projectiles. Discreetly constructed into the rear pocket of the backpack system, an ultrathin M4L (MERET 4 LIFE) armored ballistic panel is positioned to defend your vital chest region when approached from behind. The DEFENDER™ PRO can also be worn across the front of the body for similar protection if the threat is forward.

In addition to offering ballistic protection, the DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter is a solid personal or professional rucksack that delivers the quality, reliability, and functionality you need. The rear slim zippered pocket can support up to a 15” laptop in the dedicated padded laptop compartment, or if you’re in the field, switch it out to carry a hydration pack and clip your hydro tube to the padded mesh shoulder strap. A large middle zippered pocket offers a variety of options for carrying medical supplies, tactical gear, or a change-out of clothes. The full length outer zippered pocket provides organization for pens, phones, an 8” tablet, or any other smaller items you would typically carry. A smaller front zippered pocket offers easy access to smaller items. A multifunction bottom, padded zippered pocket can secure off-duty ammunition or simply your AC adapters and power cords, hiding them and placing the heavy weight on the bottom of the bag. A laser cut MOLLE panel is fitted to the front to attach TS2 Ready™ modules or any MOLLE compatible gear. The bottom is produced from liquid resistant material to keep your bag dry when placing it on the ground. Dual side elastic mesh pockets carry small gear or additional hydration supplies. Once filled, secure the bag using the adjustable sternum and waist straps, or simply tuck the straps away in concealable pockets for a cleaner fit and use the top low-profile handle to carry your gear. The padded/vented backpack system allows you to carry and trek with maximum comfort. Constructed from 1200 denier coated TPE water and stain resistant material, the DEFENDER™ PRO is built to withstand active duty or the daily grind, all while offering ballistic armored protection that could save your life.

The DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter Backpack is available as a backpack or complete with certified NIJ Level IIIA armor protection. The DEFENDER™ PRO is available in tactical black (no reflectivity).

• Oversized YKK zippers
• Provides 12” (tall) x 10” (wide) NIJ Level IIIA armor protection to vital chest region
• Hydration pack ready
• Padded, vented backpack system with contoured yoke harness system easily distributes weight for maximum comfort
• Black matte finish metal hardware
• Fully concealable waist and backpack straps when not in use
• 3” x 11” front name tape area, MERET tape included
• Fully paneled with laser cut MOLLE to support a TS2 Ready™ module or any MOLLE compatible gear
• Low profile top carry handle with black logo
• Adjustable sternum and waist belt
• Large EZ-Pull pullers allow easy access
• Zippered internal mesh compartments
• Incredibly durable 1200 Denier coated TPE, water and stain resistant
• Dedicated, padded laptop compartment supports up to a 15” laptop
• Large internal compartment
• Padded zippered bottom pocket secures heavy ammunition or power adapters
• Front compartment organizes offices supplies and small gear
• Dual external mesh pockets
• M4L ballistic resistance
9mm Luger 124gr FMJ
.44 MAG 240gr Lead SWC GC
Federal 9mm Luger 124gr Hydra-Shok JHP
Federal .40 S&W 165gr Hydra-Shok JHP
Federal .45 AUTO +P 200gr GDHP

Product Dimensions: 18” x 8” x 11.5”
Product Weight: 4 lbs 7 ounces standard, 5 lbs 7 ounces with armored protection
M4L Lifetime Warranty, 5 Year Warranty Armored Ballistic Panel


Posted by Clorenz

I'm Sold on the DEFENDER!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I had been looking for a new daily pack and when I saw the DEFENDER™ PRO Commuter at a tradeshow I was sold. I have used the pack for work and travel for several months and it is great. The outer pocket organizes the work essentials nicely, with plenty of room. The middle pocket is large enough I have flown several two night trips and only brought this pack (I travel light). The back pocket fits the laptop and associated items very nicely. The handle and the straps are sturdy and well designed. My only complaint if I had to nitpick would be the same for the Savior it is the buckles on the straps slip easily. Not a huge deal and definitely not a deal killer. Some Velcro in the back armor compartment would be nice for a Velcro holster attachment. I would highly recommend this pack for anyone looking for multifunction bag.

Posted by mv7

active shooter tool!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I highly recommend this backpack. I’ve been a Dallas Police officer for 19 years. I am currently assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Division. We are responsible for the protests in our city which the volume of them continue to grow. This piece of equipment allows us to have ballistic protection and also blend in the crowd and go undetected. The Velcro mounted on the outside of the pack allows you to place any type of patch allowing for not being detected as law enforcement. This pack is lightweight with the Angel Armor plates which allows us to deploy proficiently without carrying a lot of weight and versatile to carry extra magazines, medical kits, radios and any other needed equipment. This pack has well organized compartments and durable stitching. This is a perfect piece of equipment to react to an active shooter event or other critical moments and be prepared with ballistic protection. Thank you Meret for having foresight to develop a very needed tool.

Posted by switt

officer backpack!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I use the backpack as a go bag for serving arrest warrants and as a jump out bag for a potential active shooter. It does everything I need it to do. It holds all essential gear, accepts molle attachments, and feels exceptionally sturdy while wearing. I would recommend it to other officers no questions.

Posted by mb

concealed level IIIA!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I’m a detective with the Dallas Police Department. I have carried this bag for two months and I really like it. I carry a backpack nearly every day as part of my day to day job duties. My previous backpacks were much cheaper and offered no ballistic protection of any kind. I have reviewed this backpack and made the following observations; The bag is very roomy and carries plenty of gear. I am assigned to the Lab Squad, which dismantles clandestine drug labs. I carry a respirator in bag every day for quick response to a lab. The bag easily holds my respirator and extra cartridges plus all of my surveillance gear and other equipment. I’ve never owned a bag that has benefit of threat Level IIIA M4L Ballistic Armored Protection built in. This is a huge advantage in my line of work because I am an undercover narcotics officer and I dress in civilian clothing every day. It is a huge advantage to have that level of ballistic protection concealed in a back pack that I can carry in any situation. This same advantage is also considerable off duty as well. I can carry this back pack into any amusement park and have ballistic protection with me. This bag also has a pocket built into the bottom of the bag for quick and easy access to a firearm. The only negative issue related to this back pack is its considerable tactical look. This would be okay for a patrol officer or anyone in uniform but for an undercover officer it’s difficult to conceal. In summary I have placed this back pack in many work situations that have damaged cheaper back packs. This bag has withstood the test and I carry it every day. I believe this back pack is the best bag I’ve ever carried in this profession and I will continue to carry this bag.

Posted by dr7

alternative ballistic protection!
Average Rating: 5 stars

Construction of the pack is on par with other high-quality packs, using durable zippers and solid stitching. The laser cut MOLLE on the front of the pack is a nice added touch to provide expansion of the pack, while keeping weight manageable. The organization of the pack is well thought out, and provides quick and easy access to contents within the bag. Overall weight of the pack is significantly lighter than I initially expected, given that it contains ballistic threat protection. After using this pack for several weeks in a plain clothes law enforcement capacity, I am thoroughly impressed with the overall design of the bag. The ability to have rapid access to ballistic protection without the appearance of possessing body armor has been beneficial. Numerous times I have provided close cover during undercover operations in public locations where conventional body armor would appear out of place. In training with the bag, I found it manageable to deploy the pack in a manner to utilize the ballistic protection, both for myself and also during extraction of "downed" individuals. I would highly recommend this product for individuals looking for alternative ballistic protection and also needing a useful and well built back pack.

Posted by jking

strongly recommend!!
Average Rating: 5 stars

I’m a Police Officer in the city of Dallas and have been for over 20 yrs and am currently assigned to Legal Services Bureau. My position is a plain clothes capacity and I go out into the public daily to conduct my duties. I began using my Meret Defender backpack, over a month ago, for my trips to the County and City courthouses to obtain signed warrants. The backpack has more than enough storage to carry the many documents I have to drop off and receive. The smaller zipper pouch on the bottom front is ideal for gun storage as I carry two pistols in this pouch during my plain clothes duties. The large center pocket is perfect for laptop and documents and the durable material easily protects its contents. The fact that it carries the Angel Armor ballistic plate provides much needed additional security and added confidence knowing that, if needed, I can now covertly carry ballistic protection if needed out in the field. I use this bag as well off duty whether its going to the gym or on a family outing and provides confidence and protection during my off duty down time. The material of the pack is sleek and Molle material provides both a rugged look and extreme durability. I especially like the hidden waist straps and sternum strap for more stability if needed in any situation. I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of this product and I know that this backpack can have multiuses in law enforcement in the future whether its for undercover covert operations or more overt police tasks. I am very pleased with my Meret Defender backpack and look forward to using this bag more and strongly recommend my coworkers also use this product.